Soft tissue tumor

42/f complaining gradually increasing swelling in left calf. Difficulty standing or walking for even 10 min MRI suggestive of soft tissue tumor arising from left gastrocnemius muscle Plan : done in toto excision of tumor Size 15 x 15 x 10 cm Weight 400 g Function: Patient recovered well. No pain in standing or walking …

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Back Pain & Spinal Instability

I see atleast 2/3 patients every month with chronic recurrent back pain having spinal instability. It can be associated with substantial disability. The primary forms of degenerative lumbar instability are spondylolisthesis, which is a translation of a single vertebra over another or a more. X-ray 1 Xray 2 PATHOPHYSIOLOGY The resulting imbalance can lead to an …

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First year Engineering student sustained open tibia/fibula fracture.

First year Engineering student sustained open tibia/fibula #, managed with nailing outside I saw her after 2 months with big infected non healing wound. We with plastic surgeon primarily did wound debridement, and flap cover . After 1.5 years , fracture still didn’t heal. So did exchanges reamed nailing, bone grafting and fibular osteotomy. When …

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Knee Fracture (tibial plateau type v)

42 /f presented with knee fracture ( tibial plateau type v ). In view of delayed presentation, advised conservative management with brace and gradual Physio therapy. Warned of guarded prognosis But was surprised to see full consolidation of fracture with complete range of motion. Patient is back to all her household activities.